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I’m Stephen! After over a decade in the real estate industry, I started Level to solve one of the biggest frustrations we are all faced with when it comes to real estate...

Finding the most helpful answers when it’s time to make important real estate decisions

But that’s not really the entire story…

Those “helpful answers” also need to be

  • delivered quickly
  • affordable
  • trustworthy

Somewhere along the way, I realized that most real estate products and services fall way short of what we hope for in today’s world of having immediate answers at our fingertips.

You see, I think that there are two ends of the "attitude spectrum" for individuals and small businesses about to rent, buy or sell some real estate… and most companies create their products and services for one of the two extremes:

the way other companies think

Examples of products made for the left-hand side DIY-ers would be all those forums like biggerpockets, investment calculator apps, and services like legalzoom. All of which require a HUGE amount of time and energy to learn how to fully utilize and benefit from.

On the other side are those (fewer and fewer, IMO) people who blindly trust willingly let 3rd-party service providers1 like real estate agents, accountants and attorneys act on their behalf, taking commissions along the way.

I actually see the spectrum very differently.

the way i think

If you’re anything like me, you actually reside somewhere in the middle. You feel like you could use some helpful answers from an expert but don’t want to just hand over all your decision-making power to someone else.

And that’s where Level provides the most value…

About to lease an office for your business? Perhaps getting a second opinion from a former leasing agent just makes sense

Buying a condo as your very first house? Maybe it’s worth it to have someone review that 300-page rules & regulations document

These and so many other situations are why Level has neatly packaged, fixed price solutions like contract reviews and financial modeling to help people and small businesses get affordable, trustworthy answers delivered quickly when it comes time to make real estate decisions in their personal and professional lives.

Check out more about what Level is all about on our blog.

  1. I do think a lot of 3rd-party service providers do a great job and can be invaluable; not all, but many. ↩︎

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